The dB's released four albums while they were together:
Stands for deciBels (1981)
Repercussion (1982)
Like This (1984)
The Sound of Music (1987)

Two albums of previously unreleased dB's music came out after they broke up:

Ride the Wild TomTom (1993)
Paris Avenue (1994)

These six albums all feature discrete collections of dB's recordings, and (especially on CD) contain all but a handful of the officially released dB's tracks. All the other albums profiled here are rereleases or compilations.

Ride the Wild TomTom is a collection of early 4-track demos (and a couple of singles tracks). The demos recorded at the office of New York Rocker are particularly accurate representations of the way the band sounded in its earliest days.

The "Soul Kiss" 45, as a joke, stated that the track was NOT from the album by this title. When an album consisting mostly of demos was being prepared more than a decade later, it seemed only natural to use it.

Paris Avenue consists of generally fairly high-quality demos for what would have been the next dB's album had they not split.

The only album in current release is the Collector's Choice CD containing the first two albums. However, new copies can still occasionally be found in stores of some albums (particularly the 90's releases), and of course there are the used bins and online auctions. If you listen to vinyl, your chances of finding old dB's albums are much better (and cheaper!), since the band's existence ended more or less at the dawn of the CD era, and most original copies are vinyl. (The Sound of Music was the first dB's album to be available on CD when it came out.) Perhaps some worthy record label(s) will see fit to rerelease Like This and The Sound of Music someday soon. All these records deserve to be available.

The preferred CD versions of the first two albums are the Collector's Choice CD and the US I.R.S. releases. These were remastered for CD by Chris Stamey. The German [Line Records] CDs, and the LP Amplifier , feature inferior mastering.

The Japanese LP of Stands for deciBels and CD of Like This each have the fun bonus of featuring the (apparently required by Japanese record company tradition or law) frequently hilariously badly transcribed lyrics to the songs. Scans of these may appear on this website at some point.

Unfortunately, there are few if any finished dB's studio recordings languishing in storage. However, The dB's Online will attempt to occasionally make available unique dB's recordings that have never been released, both studio and live.

None of this is to discourage completists! The different collections all have something to recommend, if only the odd packaging (such as the cardboard sleeve enclosing Neverland) or differing song orders. Every attempt has been made to be as accurate and complete as possible, probably to the point of obsessiveness. If you see a mistake or omission, feel free to point it out. There are a few foreign catalog numbers missing, and things like that. Only you that care about those sort of things will have read this far anyway.

Due to space considerations, images of cassette covers of The dB's albums are in the Scrapbook section.

When time permits, releases that members of The dB's played on before the group existed, and individual discographies of various members, will be added as separate categories.

SPECIAL WARNING: There is a band from Long Island NY that for a while called themselves the DB's. They politely changed their name at the request of The dB's, but not before they released two albums under the name The DB's. The titles of these albums are "Happy Hour" and "Second Wind". Don't buy these titles expecting to hear The dB's! You will be very disappointed. No connection whatsoever.

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