The item of greatest interest here is Start Swimming. The two tracks by The dB's ("We Should Be in Bed"/"Death Garage") are the only two live tracks by the band ever released. This was released only on LP, in 1981, and is one of the rarest of dB's items. Well worth seeking out.

Shake to Date has "Black and White", but perhaps more importantly two Peter Holsapple solo tracks which appear only on his Car Records 45 and this LP.

More info on these records on their pages.

"Home for the Holidays" appeared on a dB's release only on a 12" promo single, but has been continuously in print perhaps longer than any other dB's track! You can always find it around Christmas time in the Christmas bin, on A Different Kind of Christmas, the second Christmas comp that it has been included on.

"Visible Man" appeared originally only on The Water Music Compilation Album but was later included on Paris Avenue. Worth noting is that The Water Music Compilation Album features various members of The dB's working with other artists, including Faye Hunter, formerly of Let's Active.

All other compilations appearing here feature tracks available on dB's releases and are included for completeness' sake.

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