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Order Will Rigby's album PARADOXAHOLIC

Friends of The dB's:

Stephanie Chernikowski - A photographer and good friend.

Deluxe Rocketships - Jimmy Descant, former dB's (and Indigo Girls, and Connells) guitar tech, road manager, and official Most Fun Guy, now makes fabulous sculpture.

Exploded View - Designers of this site!

Hubbub Inc. - Emily Hubley's Web site.

The Official Mr. Bill Homepage - Mr. Bill appears in The dB's video for "Amplifier", which was made by Mr. Bill creator Walter Williams.

Steve Almaas is an old friend of The dB's, going back to late seventies New York City days. He and his wife's album Steve Almaas and Ali Smith features a cover of "Moving in Your Sleep."

LedzPages - Some dB's archival material on this fan site mainly dedicated to the career of Mitch Easter.

For inquiries regarding booking The dB's, please contact:

Jim Romeo
(919) 932 9165

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