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Emily Hubley is an animator of some note. Most recently she did animated portions of the film Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but for over 20 years she has been making her own animated short films of a distinctly personal nature and unique in style. Her films have been shown at prestigious festivals such as Sundance, and at art museums including the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Her parents are award-winning animators John and Faith Hubley. Her sister Georgia plays in Yo La Tengo and has worked with Emily on some of her films, both on the art and the music.

Emily and Georgia met The dB's at several of their gigs in 1979 and quickly became friends. When Stands for deciBels came out in 1981, Emily asked if she could make an animated film to "Big Brown Eyes" and this was the result -- a gift from her to the band. The first showing of this film was at a dB's gig at the Bottom Line in 1981, and it has seldom been shown since. She has kindly allowed it to be viewed on The dB's Online. Thanks, Emily!

Other Hubley films have occasionally shown on Sundance Channel and elsewhere; all are highly recommended.

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