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Watch "Neverland" - the new/old music video produced by Phil Marino and edited by Jake Gorst

Watch Emily Hubley's rarely shown 1982 animated film for "Big Brown Eyes"

NEW! Great footage of the dB's 1981 British TV appearance

The dB's offer a brand new recording, "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted", for download after donating to the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund.

The dB's Online is proud to debut this all new, 2005 studio recording by The dB's. "World to Cry" is a Peter Holsapple composition, recorded January 2005 at Water Music in Hoboken, mixed by Chris Stamey at Modern Recording in Chapel Hill, and featuring Peter, Chris, Will Rigby, and Gene Holder. The band and The dB's Online generously offer this sneak-preview mix from the forthcoming new album for FREE download.

SIX live tracks from 1979!

Live tracks from The Metro, Chigago, 1984

"dB's Custom Mix"

Listen to a never before released dB's track!

A special 'Thank you' goes to Richie Saccente of Troll Studios for making these old cassette recordings pop!

Take an interactive tour of The Sound of Music album cover

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