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Big Brown Eyes

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At long last, The dB's Online is proud to make available what is arguably the finest film footage ever made of the band. The appearance was taped a few days before its March 7, 1981 broadcast. The city was London, UK. The show was a national broadcast on the nation's largest network. Three top-notch performances, one by each songwriter and with an instrumental thrown in.

The dB's road manager on the tour, Dave Boxall, added genitalia to the show's logo of a performer's silhouette. This is clearly visible on the left of the screen. On "Big Brown Eyes" Will wore a pair of gag glasses with eyeballs on springs that bounce all over the place. Not so clearly visible. The eyeballs only came in blue, and Albion's publicist painted the irises brown. (Too bad they couldn't get the eyes to come out brown on the single sleeve!)

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