Stephanie Chernikowski has been photographing musical artists since the early 70's. Her wide-ranging portfolio continues to be mined for albums, articles, books, and exhibitions. The list of important cultural figures she's photographed is too long to list here, but an overview available at her website will impress even the most jaded culture vulture. Her book Dream Baby Dream chronicles the flowering of the New York underground rock scene of the 70's that came to be known as punk/new wave. From her apartment almost across the street from CBGB (where she still lives), she was there and at Max's Kansas City and wherever else the music was with camera in hand at a crucial period of rock history.

Stephanie met Alex Chilton when he moved to New York in 1976. Chris Stamey soon followed and became Alex's bass player, following the breakup of Chris and Will's band Sneakers. The photo on the (2nd) cover of Chris's 1977 single "The Summer Sun" is by Stephanie. When Alex moved back to Memphis at the end of '77, Chris stayed in NYC, attending NYU and recording, and soon coaxed Will and Gene (and later in '78, Peter) into moving there to start a band. Stephanie was there photographing The dB's almost from their inception. She took the photo on the cover of Stands for deciBels (which was hand-tinted by her friend Victoria Deveraux) and was the most frequent choice for taking promotional photos throughout the lifespan of the band. She continues to be a good friend, and has (with webmaster Jake Gorst) created this new section of The dB's Online out of the goodness and generosity of her own heart. It is with great pleasure, admiration, and gratitude that we present this special gallery of photos, many never before seen.

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