Many of The dB's albums had slightly different covers on cassette. The original Albion release of Stands for deciBels came in a can, one of the most collectible dB's items. There are no rare tracks on any of these cassettes. However, some copies of the original Albion cassette of Repercussion were sequenced incorrectly, possibly in more than one different way. Some copies had "I Feel Good (Today)" split (at the silence before the band comes in for the last verse) between sides! The I.R.S. samplers are added for the sake of completeness. There are undoubtedly more cassette versions of various compilation albums.

For more information on album titles see the discography.

Photo Index

Albion cassette, 1981

Monkey Hill cassette, 1994

Bearsville cassette, 1984

I.R.S. cassette, 1987

Albion cassette, 1981

I.R.S. promo cassette, 1987

I.R.S. compilation tape, 1987

Planet Records Compilation, 1980

I.R.S. promo cassette, 1987

I.R.S. promo single cassette, 1987

Rhino Records promo cassette, 1988

Water Music cassette, 1988

Albion Stands for deciBels
cassette in a can, 1981

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