is pleased to present the premiere of the "Neverland" music video. The footage was shot in 1982 by Phil Marino, who used some of the stills for the cover of Like This. However, the footage languished, The dB's lost touch with Phil, and before you could say "Super 8" a quarter century had gone by.

In no small coincidence, Jake Gorst, filmmaker and creator in 2001 of The dB's Online, knew Phil Marino, although neither knew of the other's connection to The dB's until Jake suddenly realized and asked Phil. Through this happenstance not only were The dB's reunited with Phil, but he donated quite a bit of material to the band's archives, including the footage before you now.

Jake has edited it together with Phil's blessing and as originally intended. It's ancient history, but it's also brand new. Like a vintage clothing store, or 1936 Chateau Lafite Rothschild.

We sure were skinny...

Will Rigby
June 2008

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This movie file requires
Apple QuickTime 4.

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