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Ideas for reuniting to record or play shows have been bandied about over the years, but to date no reunion of any kind has occurred or is planned. For instance, in the mid-90’s, when a Big Star tribute album was being compiled, The dB’s (the ‘classic’ lineup on their first two albums) offered to reunite for the first time to record a track in honor of one of their all-time favorite bands, but were turned down by none other than Big Star drummer/Ardent Studio manager Jody Stephens, who worked on assembling the tribute.

In 1989 the first two dB’s albums were released for the first time in the US by I.R.S., on CD only. Various repackagings of these albums appeared on Line Records (who had purchased the Albion catalog when that company went out of business in the latter half of the 80’s) in Germany in the 90’s.

In 1991 Chris and Peter reunited to make an album for Rhino’s RNA subsidiary. This was not a dB’s effort per se (although Gene did play on some tracks), but Mavericks has as strong a collection of songs as any dB’s album, garnered critical raves, and the two toured together in support of it. Any serious collection of dB’s recordings would be incomplete without Mavericks.

Rhino also released an album in 1993 consisting mostly of dB’s demos (plus a few 45 sides) from the 1978–82 period, titled Ride the Wild TomTom. This was followed in 1994 by Paris Avenue, another collection of demos (these the last that the group recorded) on New Orleans indie Monkey Hill. Along with the original four releases, these two collections made available nearly every song The dB’s ever committed to tape.

Pony Canyon, a Japanese label, licensed much of the Bearsville catalog in 1995 and released Like This in that country for the first time. In 2001 Collectors’ Choice repackaged the first two albums on one CD in the US.

The tale does not really end here; The dB's broke up in 1988 and that's a long time ago. Much has happened since then, and as much as possible will be added about the various doings of ex-members when it gets around to being scribbled. This is intended as a complete and accurate biography of The dB's, which is true more or less, took precedence over the before and after, and will be expanded sooner or later.

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